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Industrial Automation
for sheet metal

SCAMM has been specialising in designing high-technology integrated solutions for sheet metal working automation, since 1975. Technical knowledge and continuous research make SCAMM the reference partner for specific automation needs in different sectors.
Our integrated systems
Proprietary technology
SCAMM combines its developed know how and advanced integrated solutions to meet every customer requirement flexibly.
Technical expertise
Decades of experience and constant technology updates allowed SCAMM to specialise in a wide range of applications.
Turn-Key solutions
Full integrated support, from product co-design to equipment design and turn-key automated systems.
Glocal dimension
SCAMM has a local presence in the main industrial markets and offers effective and prompt assistance.



Automatic forming and assembly systems

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of sheet metal forming and assembly technologies, combined with state-of-the-art automatic systems design and robotic integration, SCAMM can offer the best factory solution to manufacture your products according to your objectives. SCAMM systems are installed in factories worldwide, and their performances are our guarantee of success.

Press lines

While developing sheet metal forming integrated solutions, SCAMM achieved a specific knowledge in designing and building stamping systems. Hydraulic presses and automatic hydraulic press lines with robotic transfer or inter-press systems, warehouses and automatic die changes. The customer's needs guide the analysis of the most suitable solution in terms of performance and cost.


SCAMM's die division designs and manufactures manual dies, transfer dies, progressive dies, dies with built-in transfer and special equipment for sheet metal forming.

Finished products

Through its subsidiary Mollis Antonio s.r.l., SCAMM offers a specialised service in the sheet metal product manufacturing field, from single stamped components to complex, assembled finished products. Our transversal skills in product design, cold metal working and assembly technologies, combined with a well-established supply chain for surface finishing and commercial and special components, enables us to fully manage the industrialisation and manufacture of complex finished products from request to delivery.


A passion for sheet metal forming and automation in its DNA has led SCAMM to develop its uniqueness in the integrated production systems field. We develop a wide range of sheet metal stamping, forming and assembly technologies and are specialists in automated systems, process control and monitoring systems, management software and robotic integration.
Our technologies

Open Innovation Projects

SCAMM takes part in European competitions to innovate automated lines and robotized systems for sheet metal forming and assembling. For these activities SCAMM involves INTELLIMECH, a local the R&D consortium.


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