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SCAMM manufactures complete automated equipment to produce busbar systems with current ratings between 25 and 6000 A and automated lines to produce steel grid resistors for braking systems.

Our integrated systems

SCAMM's systems for the electrical industry consist of a wide range of machines and special equipment and can be manufactured with different degrees of automation according to the customers' production requirements. The solid experience and competitive knowledge acquired over decades in busbar systems and industrial heating elements make SCAMM the ideal partner for optimising production processes and increasing productivity.

For companies that manufacture busbar trunking systems, SCAMM can supply automatic equipment for the construction and complete assembly, testing and packaging of straight sections of busbar ducts and any specific equipment to produce accessories and unique parts. SCAMM manufactures production lines for any busbar trunking, examining each solution according to the customer's product, particularly:

  • Automated systems producing "light" busbar trunking
    (25 - 40 A)
  • Automated systems producing medium power busbar trunking (100 - 400A)
  • Automated systems producing high-power busbar trunking (400 - 6000A)

In addition, SCAMM manufactures automated lines and custom machinery producing different types of steel grid resistors for braking systems for the electrical sector. SCAMM integrates different processing and assembly technologies for any type of project.

SCAMM is an "all-in-one partner" capable of providing unique turnkey automatic solutions, accompanying the customer in product industrialisation, prototyping, defining the best technical solution for the equipment, construction, start-up and after-sales service.

Our products

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