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SCAMM systems are considered state-of-the-art of design technology and components used, and are synonymous with safety and reliability.

A prompt service to solve any problem is a priority for us.

We have always measured the success of each of our projects by our customers' satisfaction throughout the life of our systems. We establish a long-term partnership with our customers, providing prompt after-sales service, maintenance and training.

SCAMM's consolidation of its local presence in key global markets such as Central Europe, USA and China is driven by providing prompt and effective customer support.

Remote diagnostics
and assistance

After the manufacturing and delivery process conclusion, SCAMM offers its customers an accurate and specialised after-sales service by internal expert technicians, who guarantee direct assistance worldwide.

Timely assistance is our service priority. A remote service system is always active on each of our systems. It allows us to check their status through the onboard diagnostic system and the immediate assistance of our technicians from a remote location. This allows us to provide specific and immediate assistance worldwide and constant monitoring of the equipment and machinery status.

On-site service
and scheduled maintenance

Fast on-site service is always a priority. SCAMM is continuously developing its local offices and service network worldwide according to its GLOCAL strategy.

SCAMM's customers can be sure that, if necessary, a technician specialised in a specific installation can be on-site in a short time.

Innovative predictive maintenance systems allow us to detect malfunctions in critical equipment parts and act before process quality deteriorates or a fault occurs.

An on-site inspection and maintenance service is provided to ensure that the highest levels of productivity and efficiency are maintained over time.

and production support

SCAMM customers are provided with a training service on the correct use of the automated lines and systems for the customer's production technicians to help the equipment start-up phase and reduce the time needed to reach maximum equipment productivity.
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