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Production of finished products

With its Mollis Antonio s.r.l. subsidiary, SCAMM manufactures finished products and sheet metal components.

I nostri sistemi integrati

The integrated process of stamping and assembling of sheet metal components makes SCAMM one of the few companies in the field that can offer customers complete solutions for every need. This includes concept and feasibility study, product prototyping, construction of dedicated equipment and tooling for forming and assembly, production of parts and complex products in small and large series.

SCAMM's ability to handle the full cycle leading to the supply of finished products in-house is synonymous with its in-depth knowledge of production technologies, which guarantees manufacturing expertise, speed of response and cost optimisation for our customers.

SCAMM can guarantee customers a highly specialised service in deep drawing, cutting, bending of steel, alloys and non-ferrous metals (with thicknesses from 0.4 to 3 mm), producing aesthetic stainless-steel parts with fully automatic lines, up to the assembly of finished and complex products in the following sectors:

  • Household appliances
  • Automotive/agriculture
  • Vending
  • Lighting
  • Electrical
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning and air treatment
We manage customer requests by delivering the necessary operations to manufacture sheet metal products, whether a simple stamped part or a complex assembled product. We have specialised knowledge in forming and assembling stainless-steel (AISI 430-304-316) complex parts distinguished by our finished products' aesthetic accuracy and precision.

We carefully analyse the best production process for each product according to customer requirements. We can adopt semi-automatic production systems such as laser cutting machines, presses, bending machines, special clinching, screwing and fastening units, including fully automated systems for forming and welding (laser/plasma/MIG/TIG).
Our in-house supply chain involves long term partners who provide finished plastic part products, surface treatment and aesthetic finish (painting, chromium-plating, galvanising, nickel-plating, sandblasting, electropolishing, anodising, PVD).

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