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At SCAMM we support the customer from product development to the start-up of automatic lines to produce all sheet metal parts of refrigerators and freezers.

Our integrated systems

Tailor-made turn-key systems with different automation, integration, technological solutions to produce sheet metal parts of refrigerators and freezers:

  • outer doors
  • U-folded cabinets
  • side panels
  • top panels
  • back panels
  • bottom cases

Flexible solutions with fully servo electric bending operations can produce complex profiles and a wide dimensional range with the highest accuracy and repeatability. Stations for profile cutting and pattern customisation with additional deep drawing, flanging, welding and clinching operations integrated into lines with automatic transfer, robotic servicing or semi-automatic solutions. 

SCAMM solutions are designed alongside the customer to fulfil layout and productivity requirements. SCAMM's ability to customise each system within the project allows it to offer innovative solutions with an optimal cost-performance ratio.

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