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DIGITbrain is a European project that aims to enable small and medium-sized European manufacturing companies to benefit from an augmented digital-twin concept called Digital Product Brain (DPB). Compared to the digital twin concept, which is increasingly used by manufacturing companies today, the DPB concept will go one step further by storing data throughout the entire life cycle of a production line or a machine. The ambition of the DIGITbrain project is centred around two areas. On the one hand, the project realises an ambitious technological vision by developing the Digital Brain concept and its enabling technologies. On the other hand, it assures that these technological advances are taken up by a critical mass in the manufacturing sector, especially by SMEs and mid-caps, resulting in the smart business model MaaS, facilitated by a network of interconnected Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). Finally, the technology and business-centred ambitions are enabling innovative use cases to be co-created and implemented in over 20 application experiments (to be added in two Open Calls). DIGITbrain is composed of a consortium of 36 partners, with about 35-40 additional collaborators involved through the two Open Calls for experiments, mainly technology and manufacturing SMEs.

In this framework, Intellimech has joined the DIGITbrain consortium for the 2nd Open Call, as part of the 3rd Experiment Wave. More specifically, SCAMM, with the support of INTELLIMECH ss a technology provider, implements the Experiment 20, MonItoring And CoNTrol For REconfiGuRABLe PrEsses (INTEGRABLE), focused on the application of the DPB concept to achieve process self-adaptivity of a transfer press line made by SCAMM and in operation at its sister company MOLLIS (visit also the website). 

The line consists of five presses in series, designed for gradually deforming metal sheets by applying predefined loads. INTEGRABLE will be devoted mainly to automating the quality control task, exploiting machine vision technologies, and correlating quality KPIs and non-conformities with some process parameters.

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The project started on 1st July 2020 and will be funded for three and a half years within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (under grant agreement number 952071) by the European Commission.

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