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SCAMM manufactures customised systems and equipment to produce assembled tubs, side panels and doors, inner doors and dishwasher components.

Our integrated systems

SCAMM's automatic solutions for dishwasher sheet metal part production are made based on the customer's requirements, using the most advanced technologies and knowledge acquired over decades of experience in the dishwashing industry.

SCAMM is your unique partner for the supply of turn-key solutions for:

  • seamless stainless-steel tubs or with plastic parts
  • stainless steel inner doors
  • pre-painted black steel side panels
  • outer aesthetic doors and built-in doors in pre-painted, galvanised or black steel
  • door hinges
  • stainless steel dishwasher spray arms and components

The stainless-steel tubs are manufactured using a seaming process (SCAMM technology) for the TOP-BOTTOM-WRAPPER components and clinching (or spot welding) of all other parts including GASKET RETAINER - EXTERNAL FRAME- CLIPS and other SUPPORTS.

Tub assembly equipment can be highly integrated, including in-line stamping of the main components, bitumen fixing, production of all completing components and stations for dimensional control.

The side panels can be produced using our automatic cutting/bending lines or with our press lines and dies depending on the production flexibility, model numbers and productivity required.

SCAMM solutions are fully customised and developed in partnership with the customer. This includes the general design layout, the in-line or robotic transfer system, the degree of automation and integration through continuous cooperation from the product industrialisation phase to after-sales service.

Our products

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