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    Press lines

    Strong expertise in the construction of special hydraulic equipment has led SCAMM to achieve a consolidated specialisation in manufacturing special hydraulic presses and automatic hydraulic multi-press lines.

    Linee di stampaggio

    Starting from the analysis of the customer's needs, we can suggest different technical solutions which are customised in terms of size, power, speed, transfer system, degree of automation, productivity, and accessories:

    • force per single press from 2000 to 8000 kN.
    • feeding system with coil or blanks start
    • SCAMM single bar or double bar servomechanical transfer system
    • electronic closed-loop hydraulic axis control system for maximum precision and speed
    • SCAMM frontal, translating or double-sided automatic die change
    • SCAMM automatic vertical with direct feeding into the press storage system for dies
    • storage for semi-finished or finished parts
    • soundproofing cabin for press line
    • customisable lubrication system (rollers/spray/checkerboard to manage position and quantity)
    • centralised scrap collection system with magnetic/rubber/hinged conveyor belts
    • laser or mechanical systems for sheet thickness recognition
    • SCAMM systems for automatic die clamping and ram safe clamping
    SCAMM's ability to design special machinery means we can think of dedicated solutions based on individual needs. This includes hydraulic cushions, special top/bottom effects, pneumatic plates for automatic die versioning, pre-cutting or finishing stations outside the press, robotic inter-press transfer systems, and special systems to achieve the best solution in terms of performance, efficiency and cost.

    Our stamping solutions result from a continuous improvement of SCAMM's structural, hydraulic and automation system technology that we continue to design, build and develop in-house.

    SCAMM's specialisation in the construction of dies and press lines allows us to be one of the few true all-in-one partners to accompany the customer in defining the best turnkey stamping solution.

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