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SCAMM manufactures special machines, automatic lines and equipment to produce sheet metal parts for water heaters, radial and axial fans, heat exchangers, outer casings and sheet metal parts for air conditioners.

Our integrated systems

Every SCAMM automated solution is tailored to the customer's specific production requirements and technical product features. SCAMM advanced technologies and state-of-the-art components combine with the strong knowledge acquired over decades of experience in sheet metal working and automation, making SCAMM the ideal partner for optimising production processes and increasing productivity.

SCAMM manufactures automatic lines and equipment in the HVAC sector to produce:

  • welded or seamed outer casings for water heaters
  • welded tanks for water heaters
  • fully assembled water heater combustion chambers
  • bent outer casing, front and side panels, sheet metal parts for wall-hung boilers
  • outer casings for fan coils and air conditioning units
  • radial and axial fans, including models for refrigeration and air treatment and special fans used for smoke extraction or industrial cooling
  • steel/aluminium heat exchangers, with or without copper/aluminium piping, for commercial and industrial fan evaporators, air-coolers and condensers
  • outer shells for catalytic stoves and sheet metal parts for BBQs

Our products

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