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The project

The AI REDGIO 5.0 project, funded by the European Union and starting in January 2023, involves 43 partners from 18 European countries and fosters the digital transformation of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) towards Industry 5.0 based on Artificial Intelligence ‘Edge Computing’. AI REDGIO 5.0 aims to renew and extend the partnerships born from the ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) initiative and the Vanguard initiative, in particular by leveraging the network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHS) consolidated within the Horizon 2020 “AI REGIO” 4.0 project.


For the digital transformation of European manufacturing SMEs, the Horizon 2020 ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) programme was a flagship. Phase IV of the programme, in particular, focused on Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and digital twins. On this wave, the interregional project AI REGIO was funded, focusing on the establishment of a European network of DIHs and the application of Artificial Intelligence solutions to manufacturing SMEs. The AI REGIO project developed an innovative methodology to support the growth and collaboration of DIHs through the analysis of service portfolios and customer journeys, set up a toolkit focused on AI4EU, and defined the network ‘Didactic Factories and their TEchnology and REgulatory Sandboxes’ (TERESA).With the aim of coordinating these results and moving them towards the concept of Industry 5. 0, with the development of AI cloud technologies towards Edge Computing, with the evolution of Horizon2020 into Horizon Europe and with the evolution of Digital Europe programmes such as EDIH, Data Spaces and AI TEFs (Testing and Experimentation Facilities) for the manufacturing sector, AI REDGIO 5.0 will continue to promote the adoption of Artificial Intelligence technologies in manufacturing SMEs. The I4MS partnership and the AI REGIO project partnership involving the Vanguard regions and the different DIHs will therefore be updated and extended with the AI REDGIO 5.0 project, in order to enable a competitive ‘AI-at-the-Edge’ digital transformation of manufacturing SMEs in Industry 5.0 sensitising consumers to a more conscious behaviour to ensure sustainability.

The cluster role

Within this R&D project, SCAMM implementing AI optimization and predictive tools for a hydraulic reconfigurable press transfer line. The focus is on automating quality control and process monitoring, improving operational efficiency and ensuring product quality (see also https://www.airedgio5-0.eu/sme-drivenexperiments). This approach enables to make data-driven decisions and enhance the manufacturing operations. By deploying a network of sensors and controllers, the automatic line made by SCAMM can detect anomalies in production and learn from skilled laborer’s responses through an assistance system. This system solicits prompt intervention and suggests suitable parameter settings based on historical data. SCAMM will address these challenges by collaborating with its research partner, Intellimech.

The official website

AI REDGIO will end in December 2025. This project was funded by the European Union under Gran Agreement No. 101092069.

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