\ Shelves & Drawers \

Garage doors, shelves and cabinets for industrial use.

Every time metal sheet is involved, SCAMM is able to automate the productive process, challenging the highest specialized sectors which foresee the study of specific solutions.

SCAMM during the years developed and delivered completely automatic lines, semi-automatic machineries and manual units for the production of galvanized steel garage doors, assembling different thickness of materials and keeping a very high flexibility in both door dimensions and peculiar personalization required by the market.

Driven by cost reduction, productivity increase and product quality enhancement SCAMM works on the production process integration, the replace of welding processes in favor of panel seaming (specific SCAMM technology) or clinching and the optimization of production batches by ad hoc software.

SCAMM thanks to its competence in the profiling bending and shearing technologies develops machines and special units with different degrease of automation for the production of industrial shelves, complete cabinets and metal drawers.

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