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Experience and expertise in sheet metal for innovative solutions.

Innovation in sheet metal forming since 1975.

SCAMM was established in 1975 by Mollis family. Holding over 40 years of experience the company specialized in the design and construction of special machinery for sheet metal forming and assembly.

SCAMM meets the needs of different market sectors, always following the technological state of the art thanks to internal research and development activity. Qualified technician offer innovative solutions creating high performances products able to satisfy each specific customers’ needs.

All products are designed, manufactured and tested internally in order to optimize the production processes and the application of the used materials.

SCAMM machines can be used in a variety of application as ventilation, laundry, cooking, heating and lightning.

Now a days SCAMM, thanks to its experience and its continuous innovation which driving its high professional level, became a partner and point of reference of all major national and international appliances manufacturers.

In 2010 after a long cooperation with historic automation companies in the home appliances field like SARES Spa and MIRAMONDI IMPIANTI Spa, SCAMM co-founded MOSS ALLIANCE, a technical and sales partnership gathering the best competence in sheet metal forming and assembly.