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After sales assistance with dedicated service and warranty of prompt intervention.

SCAMM, following to the conclusion of sale and realization process offers to its customer an accurate and specific after sales service, conducted by own specialized technician.
Onsite and remote assistance with our own technician worldwide.
The availability of technicians from our partner Companies, in specific areas of the world, allow us to decrease the response time in countries far away from our corporate offices.

Where required, SCAMM grants a tutorial and formation service on-site to training customers operators with the correct run of its automatic lines and tools and helps the start-up face of the equipment in order to reduce the achievement of the forecasted productivity performances.

SCAMM customers are granted the option to subscribe a maintenance contract for their equipment, where a specialized technician will be available on-site whenever necessary.
This option allows to decrease the unexpected production break downs and to monitor constantly the wear status of the equipment.

Customers are also entitled to required preventive maintenance according to their production needs in order to keep the best efficiency level of their installed lines.